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That brings us to the most important part of this entire journey, the TASTING. Traditional Scotch Whisky will be served in a Dram in any bar or distillery in Scotland. In terms of measure, a Dram is around 35 to 30 ml of whisky.

While there is no right way to have your scotch whisky, a dram of whisky with a drop of ice cold water is believed to be the best way to open up the oils, and in turn the flavours and notes of the whisky.

To savour a Dram the Scottish way, follow the 3 steps -
- Smell your Dram three times to feel the notes
- Take a small sip and let it sit in your mouth as the saliva opens the flavours
- Rinse it around your mouth to extract the flavours on your tongue and then gulp it

Hope you had fun exploring the art and science of making a Scotch Malt Whisky.
You can check out Difford’s Guide at to get a deeper insight into this art.

Till then, Slàinte Mhath!!

European Oak would have been to mature Spanish Sherry and will impart a red amber colour withrich, nutty, fruity flavours.American Oak makes for 85% of the used Oak because US law makes it necessary for each Bourbonto be matured in a new cask.Traditional casks are either Hogshead (250 lits.) or Butts (500 lits.) in volume.The spirit extracts flavour from the cask, enhancing the flavour of the matured whisky.It also removes unwanted hints of flavour as the whisky matures.As the casks are porous, there is a loss of 1% to 3% of the ageing spirit per year, due to evaporationof the alcohol. This is termed by the Scottish as Angel’s share.Hence, older the years of maturing for the whisky, lower is its ABV and final yield from each cask;making it more expensive.Per the Scots, a whisky aged between 12 to 18 years is optimum.

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