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About Me

Hello folks and welcome to FernwehSpeaks!

My name is Nandan Dongre and this website is my humble attempt at bringing to you my experiences and learnings through my travels.
This blog comes with a hope that it helps you, the reader, get some ideas for your next travel or to just read my thoughts and corroborate with them; because travel touches each one of us in different ways.

I am a second generation businessman, born and brought up in Pune, India. 
Right since I was a kid, travelling and exploring a new place or reminiscing at some known places was part and parcel of me growing up.
I credit the eventually evolved passion for travelling to my dad; because it was through his zeal for trying out new things and seeing new places did I pick up this hobby-turned lifestyle.

Being from a family that is deep rooted in education, sports and social causes; the ability to be social, or a peoples-person, is something that comes naturally to me. 

Over the years, while settling down in both personal and professional lives; travelling became an essential part of the way I want to live life.

Meeting new people, travelling to and exploring new places, newer experiences and even newer surprises; all this and more is what drives me! 
We have but one life and the whole world to explore!

These travels have given me; and keep giving me some irreplaceable memories, experiences that are hard to put in words, inspire me to keep exploring more while teaching me a lot more about life than I could through any other means.

I hope you enjoy reading my experiences and they inspire you in more ways than one, because we are all always learning and growing through what we learn!!



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