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The Theatre of Dreams - The 2nd Holy Grail

Old Trafford was to be the scene, or battle-ground even, of the most high-octane clashes in the cricketing world. You’d not be mistaken to think that watching an India v/s Pak live would count as a Holy Grail, but the actual Holy Grail is situated across the cricket stadium at the home of the Red Devils.






We reached Manchester on the afternoon before the Ind-Pak game and the immediate order of business was the stadium tour at the home on Manchester United. Usually, tour slots start by the hour, but due to the unprecedented rush owing to the Cricket World Cup, tour slots began every 30 minutes. This resulted in a shorter stadium tour than usual, but it still was a dream come true.

The start of the tour took us through the museum at Man Utd that has well exhibited archives from the time it was Newton Heath to the glory days at Old Trafford and beyond. That leads into the players tunnel, where we were led onto the field amidst a simulation of spectator cheers and music like it were match-day. It’s a nice touch of a close to real-life player experience. From there the tour moves onto the iconic Sir Bobby Charlton stand which also houses the home and away dugouts. Moving onto the East stand, we got super views of the Stretford end and the Sir Alex Fergusson stand.

The tour moved along with some tipsy tales between the United fans and Liverpool fans and even though it was not quite match-day, we could get a sense of what it would be like to actually witness a live game at the Theatre of Dreams. Something to definitely put up on the list!

The tour ended through the Stretford End, as we made our way down to the shop with a promise to come back later and soak in the atmosphere in all its Glory.

Tour price – 25 GBP per person

Must visit in Manchester for food – The Oast House, where we had our evening beer and meal amidst clearing skies, with a hope that we get to see a full-game of cricket the next day.

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