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16.12.2021 - A twist of fate 


The PPL had begun, after a gap of 2 years. Enthusiasm and fervour for the occasion was visible everywhere. We had a good team, young and dynamic, full of friends and the new ones we made through those two weeks.

Last match of the league stage. A must win to stand a chance to qualify. A sedate start and the need for a strong finish was definite.

1st ball of the 5th over, a wide one which I chased to cut to point. The left foot moved across (I am a left handed batter) but the right foot got rutted into the damp pitch (I was wearing half spikes). I felt a little jerk, a twist and I fell down. I was wearing a knee cap so I did not know the intensity. Did not feel any pain but the next ball I was unable to run! 

Tried to field, felt the instability in my right leg immediately and decided to come off the field.



17.12.21 - 31.12.21 - The Aftermath


Swelling and pain while walking the next day meant a compulsive MRI. The result was the worst fear coming true. An ACL rupture and some degenerative wear and tear on the right knee ligaments meant the need for a planned surgery. 

A surgery meant a rehab of 6 months. A huge blow to all the plans of growing cycling endurance over the lean training period by systemic training. 

The surgery was planned for 1st of Jan (what a day to plan a surgery, right?); a bitter-sweet pill, but it was important to undergo the surgery to ensure longevity in sport.

In the two weeks before the surgery, pre-operative strengthening was planned. It also gave me a lot of time to introspect into what went wrong, what led to the injury; just to prepare for what was to come.

Having gone through a knee surgery in 2017, I knew what to expect in the rehab phase. The slow buildup towards regaining full strength, the initial pain and the phases of good days and bad.

What I was not ready for this time though, was the feeling of what if’s hitting me like a wave. It felt like the accident was such a stupid reason that caused such a major setback to so many goals. 

Not just sport wise of course, even personally. It kept haunting and coming back to me till the day of the surgery.

Though I had close ones to talk and share this with, the thought of -could-have been able to avoid this injury- was not something I could digest easily.

A 6 month gap, and a start from almost scratch; in a year that should have been a year of growth in the sport I chose for long term goals; it was going to be a hard ride home.

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